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Recreating Fujifilm's "Color Chrome" Effect in Affinity Photo

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Back in 2017 Fujifilm launched their 1st medium-format mirrorless camera: the Fujifilm GFX50S. It contained all the Fujifilm "film simulations" that us Fujifilm camera users have all come to know and love, but it gained an extra effect: the Color Chrome effect.

This effect was inspired by Fujifilm's own FUJICHROME Fortia SP film, which promised even greater contrast and colours in comparison to the world-famous Velvia 50. Quoting Fujifilm-X:


Usually, when photographing colors such as red, orange, or green under high-contrast conditions, it’s easy for an RGB color channel to become overloaded – as if individually too bright. Under these conditions – with contrast and brightness at a maximum – there is no room for a full range of tones and the scene tends to look a bit flat. But with Color Chrome switched on, subtle differences of tone can be detected and enhanced. The result is a punchy, high saturation image that doesn’t lose its impact and depth.

This Color Chrome effect was later ported to newer Fujifilm-X cameras, such as the Fujifilm X-T3 and the X-T30. Unfortunately, us older Fujifilm-X users (I have a Fujifilm X-T2) may never see this effect on their camera. 

So I've resolved to try and recreate it, which is pretty easy to do in Affinity Photo.


The tutorial utilises Affinity Photo's LAB colour mode in the Curves Adjustment tool, which is so, so handy. I've also created two Affinity Photo Macros; both speed up the creation of the LAB Colour Boost layer as well as the creation of a Saturation Mask. I've attached them here.

Here's some before and afters.


This is the sample image I used, straight out of camera using the Provia (Standard) film simulation.


This is the image with some minor edits I made (change from Provia to Velvia, largely).


This is with my Color Chrome effect applied.

Do let me know if this tutorial is OK to link to here, or not.

I hope this proves useful! Let me know if the effect needs some improvement.

LABColourBoost.afmacro SaturationMask.afmacro

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