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More than once I encountered problems with the stability of publisher.

It started in the time Publisher still was a beta product.
Then some form of recovery was added and sometimes it works.

But now, working on a book with 300 pages and needing to add 1 page and next removing 1 page again
Publisher just quits. 
With a limited number of pages it works fine.
Then when carefully adding pages it still works fine.
And starting to use master pages, changing etc the problems appears again.

When using the last saved version, I find that the problem is saved with the file so, falling back to the previous version is no option.

It makes me feel very unsafe.
It also made me think how to make a publishing program that is really stable, whatever size.

Thats's part 1

I also use a program called RightNote.
It is stable can contain an awfull lot of notes in very many formats Excel like, Word Like, copies of internet pages.
I don't say the program never fails. But the data is always correct.

They use SQLite for storing there information.
SQLite runs on Windows, Mac, iOS and more...
As far as I know the systemdatabase of Apple is also based on SQLite, which means it has to be very stable.

That's part 2

Putting the parts together:
I want to have an extremely stable publisher program.
And I love Publisher, as a rose with thorns...

My suggestion is not a small one, and I don't know how Publisher works internally.

But wouldn't it be a good idea to change the way of working and let it work with on a SQLite datbase?

With at the core 3 tables:


When starting from scratch creating a SQLite database file
When opening it again first making a copy of the database and then opening this session database

If each time a page is changed and the page is abandoned, saving the page to the database
When changing the spread (reference between 2 (or more) pages) saving that record.
When adding/changing internal or external resources changing that table (with either the link or the content) saving it to the resources table.

If the program crashes: almost everything will be saved.
If it would crash om an update to the database: SQLite has enough recovery tools I think.

You could have a construction to make extremely large documents (terabytes they say).
And even add lots of internal resources.

You could also make a separate repository file for the resources (and share them with Designer, Phote or a PDF reader)...

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