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Automatic title+subtitle numbering in several text frames

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Hi all, I am producing a larger book (on bio-inspired computing) with about 10 main chapters. I know the possibilities to automatically number titles, subtitles. My question: Is it possible to do that over several unconnected text frames? The book is large; if I want to insert a chapter it is easier to have in general let me say 10 connected textframes (for each chapter one connected textframe-structure).

I see the point "general" and "name" in the textstyle menue. The problem: If I don't choose "general", I get several text frames all starting with 1 (which means: I have 10 chapters called 1). See PDF1

If I choose "general" only for the main title, I get chapters 1, 2, ... but the subtitles start with a leading "0", because it is another logic behind. (See PDF2)

If I choose "general" also for the subtitles, they count correctly, but each subtitle style counts for itself over the document. (See PDF3)

What I would like to have is shown in PDF 4.

I know two solutions: Generating additional text styles, e. g. in black, blue, red, green... But with 10 chapters you get a lot of text styles. The other solution: Producing 10 single parts of the book, and at the end joining the PDFs together. 

Is there a more clever solution? Thanks

P.S. And please: Program an automatic cross referencing...


TitlesNumbering1.pdf TitlesNumbering4.pdf TitlesNumbering3.pdf TitlesNumbering2.pdf

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Thank you so much, brilliant.

Although I thought that I repeated all necessary settings in my layout, it didn`t work exact as intended. Maybe there were some not fitting pre-settings, because the original layout comes from a magazine which I publish every two month. So I deleted all formatting concerning titles and subtitles, imported your solution with heading1, heading 2... and it worked :) I come from InDesign (and earlier QuarkXpress and even Pagemaker). Serif did a wonderful job; but in some aspects, Affinity Publisher reacts "sensible", not easy to control (e.g. if you changed contour, it sets the letters with contour, although I did not intend to change contour globally...). But I will stay with Publisher, getting more experienced, hoping they program automatic cross referencing – and sometimes finding such an helpful User as you are :) By the way: Are you a night worker, or far away from Europe in a complete other time zone?

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Sluggishness: I will tell you. The typical CLB-magazine has 100 A4 full 4c-pages, without problems. I remember the sluggishness of InDesign in version 1.0: terrible... And I made a prevention: Working on a Macbook Pro 16" with 8-Core Intel Core i9, 64 GB 2667 MHz DDR4, AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8 GB, 4 TB SSD :) This was more or less the reason to change the production process. In our little company, I used to have the most recent updates for Mac OS (working with Macs since 1990, as there was no publishing program for Windows at that time) and also for the publishing software – until Adobe changed to the leasing-model. But InDesign CS4 (our version) could not work with more modern Mac OS-systems, especially not with 64 bit. But there was from other side (video cutting) a wish to update. 

So now there are some restrictions caused by AP, sure. Hope, they (Serif) will succeed in the market and with developing – and not go down. As far as I know that are only something about 200 coworkers at Serif – compared with 23 000 at Adobe... What I wish is cross referencing for figure captions and references. For the current book (the first with AP, 152x236 mm, full 4c (we had similar books with InDesign) which will be printed with hard cover and in print on demand, I choose a not so comfortable and elegant solution: references in the text are not numbered, only first 4 letters of name and year of publishing, then ordered alphabetically at the end. And photos or graphics have a key word, also alphabetically ordered at the end of the book in a list with copyright references. And the document will be a single file. Concerning different text frames I asked for help ;-) 

If you should have a similar need: I am very happy with a print on demand-printer in the Netherlands, excellent quality. I visited the company: all processes automatically, even the hardcover binding process... 
In Helsinki, I have been three times, very nice. But I don't want to live in Finland during winter ;-) 

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Hallo Lagarto, I finally finished the book. The automatic numbering of titles and subtitles with your method really worked well and generated a nearly perfect content list (see file here or http://www.bioinspiredcomputing.com/). Thanks again. There was one major problem with Affinity Publisher: It reacted unstable if it had to move lots of text in the book. But mostly it was ok. I am looking forward to the next version. Best regards. 


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