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Working with large existing libraries

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I need to move from Aperture but I have hundreds of gigs in my Aperture library. How can I work from the Aperture library? At this point many people have large libraries with full metadata support. Their folder structures are dependent on the app that created them. What is the best workaround for effectively opening work in AP in that scenario? I assume you will not make a plugin for Aperture, but what cataloging apps besides Lightroom do you see supporting?

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Hi Allfive,


If you want to keep Aperture as a way of storing and managing your pictures but edit in Affinity photo you can.  In Aperture in the menu bar go to Aperture - Preferences - Export - External Photo Editor and choose Affinity Photo and choose your file format and colour space. Any edits you make will be saved back to the Aperture library. This means that your workflow you will start in Aperture and you would right click on your picture and choose Edit with Affinity Photo.


Hope this helps,



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