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There seem to be several processes which don't work UNLESS the base layer is specifically selected.


One example is loading a new document, selecting the Fill tool, then trying to fill the blank image with a colour or a gradient.


Another is that after applying ANY adjustment (eg lightening the shadows) on a photo, if I then want to perform something such as Liquefy or Warp on that image, again I have to leave the Adjustment panel and clikc to enter the Layers panel, then specifically click on the base layer to activate it before I can actually do anything else to the base image.


Wouldn't it make more sense (or at least be an option inPreferences) to assume that the base layer is the default active layer at all times, UNLESS specifically told NOT, by clicking on a different layer?


That would seem to avoid a lot of the frustration that I, and others, seem to be having by constantly having to remember to click on the base layer (or background image/layer as Photoshop calls it) to do things to it.



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