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Vivian Kim

Customize keyboard shortcut, delete key and etc.

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Dear Affinity staff,

I'm a fashion designer and I usually sketch clothing using illustrator on PC.

For making my stetch easily with apple pensil, I have used Affinity designer on i-pad from last month and I feel Affinity is an awesome app with reasonable price!

I want to subsitute illustrator and solely use Affinity designer app.

To do this, I would really like to suggest some features.

First, Customize keyboard shortcut.

In app's information, it says it provide customizable shortcut. But I couldnt' find how to edit that shortcut.

Second, Make shortcut for delete object and flip+copy.

There is a cut shortcut key but no delete object key. and trash icon is so small that  if I touch that icon, it can't work well sometimes.

And I usually draw half things and make flip and copy(In illustrator, usually I select object and put 'O'and 'Alt'key in guideline and automatically flip and copy based on guide line.

Third, Need object lock and unlock.

Sometimes paths are overlapped and I need to selct under one but can't, because top one is selected.

Fourth, In Node tool, drag area and select more than two paths to edit paths at the same time.

Fifth, Export as an AI file for compatibility with illustrator.

If it is banned due to licence, make another file format with many layers in illustrator.

But in case of fifth thing, if I can solve those four things, I don't need to use illustrator. 

Anyway thanks for providing great program and hope your company will prosper and develop.

Thank you.

Vivian kim. 



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