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Found 6 results

  1. I´m using a graphic tablet Gaomon M10k 2018. In Affinity Photo 1.7 it worked correct. With the new version 1.8 I lost the pen pressure sensitivity. To get pen pressure sensitivity back, I have to activate "Windows Ink" in the tablet-menue. But with Windows Ink acitvated, I lose mouse options on the pen switch like "right mouse button" and "wheel down/up" on the tablet sensor wheel. p.s. in Photoshop CS6 it works as perfect, as it has done in Affinity 1.7 before.
  2. Hello, I am using Affinity Designer on Mac (MBP early 2015) with the Huion Ink graphic Tablet. I am practicing isometric art so I created a 1000x1000px artboard and enabled the grid (50px, 8 separations). Placing a rectangle onto the grid plane works just fine but it gets laggy when I want to resize and move it using the move tool. Actually, I've tested a bit: It lags when I am zoomed in and want to move/resize it using the move tool. It does not lag when I am zoomed out (to see the whole artboard) and want to move/resize it using the move tool. Snapping to grid is activated. When it starts to lag, it's due to high CPU usage and also my fan kicks in very quickly. I don't see these kind of issues when I use my MBP trackpad. I am not sure if this is a bug in Affinity, or something with the graphic tablet or some wrong configuration. It definitely degrades the experience of using Affinity Designer but I hope there is a solution to it. Thanks in advance. Phillipp
  3. When working on a macbook pro with os x 10.13.6 with affinity designer v1.6.1 or affinity photo 1.6.7 the following occurs in both programs: the shortcuts, triggered from an usb graphic tablet always cause the warning tone, set in the system. Of course, it's possible to reduce the volume or switch it off completely, but then you won't hear it in any other situation/program. In other programs (MediBang Pro, Sketchbook Pro) this does not occur and the shortcuts work without an acoustic warning tone.
  4. I have a UGEE M708 tablet. It was working, but now when I touch the pen to the surface it jumps to the eraser tool. I can't figure out why and have looked at the tablet setup. I am running it on a Mac. Any ideas?
  5. Hi I have just installed 1.6 and am trying to use my Huion 610 tablet. I can get the pen to work within the image area but it will not allow me to select any menu or tool item. Am I missing a setting or have I got something wrong in my setup? The pen just seems to hit a wall at the edge of the toolbars. I use this tablet and pen successfully with every other graphics program from LR & PS to ON1 RAW Just updating this to say I am getting total erratic behavior with the graphics tablet. Sometimes it just stops working all together. Without the ability to use a graphics tablet it makes AF useless
  6. Hi! I have a pretty important question here ... (at least for me ) I want to buy a graphic tablet to stop wasting paper all the time. I usually create logos on paper, scan them and then vectorise my concepts. But I thought it was time for a change. So I want to buy a graphic tablet with a screen. (I've already tried without screen and I don't like it) So got on Amazon, and I found the Huion GT-185. This model is in my price range, it is big enought for me, ... As every good buyer does, I did some research : some say the tablet doesn't work with affinity, others say it does ... confusing. So, I would like to know if any of you use a graphic tablet with a screen that works completely fine and that isn't to expensive ... I said I would go up to 550€, but I prefer less of course Thank you for your responses in advance
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