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Found 3 results

  1. My whole screen is going black for a split second. It is most easily reproducible if I'm dragging around an imported jpg or image file. It can be random as to how often, but sometimes it happens every few seconds and even twice within 1 second. The whole screen is basically blinking off and on. MobileStudio Pro 16, 16gb ram, Nvidia M1000M Quadro, Intel iris 550, Win10. The suspect is Intel drivers. I've tried various versions of the drivers but the only time I cannot reproduce this blinking problem is by completely uninstalling Intel graphics drivers. I can't leave them uninstalled though because this tablet won't simply change over to the Quadro for the desktop acceleration. It also makes my pen unusable. But, who is at fault here? I am not sure whether to come here or go to Intel. Affinity Designer is the only program where this problem surfaces. I can't reproduce it in Adobe stuff or 3D animation programs, or anything else. What seems clear is that the program and pretty much any intel drivers for the integrated chip are not playing nicely with each other. I'm just hoping someone else also has a MSP and has found an oddball version of Intel drivers that works with this software.
  2. Hey Everyone, Just wanted to see if anyone else has experience any issue with Affinity Photo and on Wacom Mobile Studio Pro? I am running the top spec model and seem to be getting a flicking black screen when doing simple tasks such as mask selection and painting. I know that most will say that this has to be a hardware issues given Wacom recent track records and the mountains of complains. However, after some heavy testing and benchmarking, I can not recreate this issue in any other program including all of Adobe's product line. To be clear, the screen does not become unresponsive; it simply turns off and then back on... for example if am painting a section masks and the screen flickers during the stroke, the stroke will be completed properly. Seems that there maybe an issue with how AP/AD is talking to the the GPU; I know that in Substance Painter I had to make and adjustment in regedit to prevent GPU hangs on Nvidia cards. List of Programs I tested with no issues: All done with same 2 million polygon model ZBrush - Polypaint,BPR,Sculpting, General 3DCoat - PBR Rendering, Sculpting Blender - Sculpting, Viewport Rendering, Cycles Render Photoshop - 8 Example from the Affinity Photo Workbook Core Skills sections Substance Painter - Rendering, PBR Maramoset Toolbag3 - Rendering Unity Adam Demo Fire strike Benchmark Unigine Haven There are more...but nothing in the above list had any issue running large or even the same files Any advice would be helpful because at the moment, Affinity Photo is useless to me on this machine. Thanks
  3. Hi, I was looking to buy a Wacom cintiq mobile studio pro 16", and I read some people had troubles with affinity using it on that device. does anybody knows if they fixed the problem? If I understood,even doing simple tasks, the screen went black... Thank you !
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