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  1. Hello! can anybody tell me if there is the possibility to switch to a lighter ui mode in Affinity photo and designer for windows 10 users? thanks!
  2. Hello! I bought today Affinity photo and Affinity designer for my Mobile Studio Pro and received this 2 packs in the order, Macro Pack for Affinity Photo and the Grade-ui-kit for Designer, I downloaded them but don't know how to install them, if this is needed. Can anybody give me a hand? What are these two things for? What do I have to do ? Thank you so much!
  3. This is fantastic, thank you so much for the super quick fix. I really wanted to buy affinity photo for my mobile studio pro, but this issue was holding me back... Thumb up for you guys!
  4. Hi! thanks for the reply! here is the link:
  5. Hi, I was looking to buy a Wacom cintiq mobile studio pro 16", and I read some people had troubles with affinity using it on that device. does anybody knows if they fixed the problem? If I understood,even doing simple tasks, the screen went black... Thank you !
  6. Hi, I would like to buy affinity photo and I know that very soon I'll have to buy a new laptop. Will it be possible for me to bring on the new computer my affinity program? Thanks a lot for your help!

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