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Found 2 results

  1. This behavior worked in the last RC of the beta 1.7 and in the released version of AD 1.7 it seems to be broken, at least on my iMac. The previous behavior was that I would have 1 or more files open, all of them are saved and I would quit AD. Then reopened AD, in an hour or day or so. The files would be automatically opened and be ready for being worked on. Now when I quit AD 1.7 with files opened (tried it with 4, 3, 2 and a single file opened) and restart AD later, no files are opened. I restarted AD with the shift key held down (which I seem to think opens the app in a "clean" state -- default settings all around) and still no joy on opening AD with the files opened from my last session. the "reopen documents" option in the General tab of the Preferences is ticked. In other apps, they re-open the docs that were opened from the previous session. I even deleted the folder com.seriflabs.affinity designer in my Library/Containers folder. And when I restarted AD, it rebuilt those folders and everything in AD was reset to a default state. I then pasted the folders and files from the AD beta into the container/data/library folder and over writing the existing files when there was a conflict. restarted Ad and same issue of non-opening docs. And now the latest beta of Publisher is now exhibiting the same behavior of not re-opening docs that were opened when the app was last used. This beta worked as expected prior to the download and installation of AD and AP 1.7; which is why I'm posting it here rather than in the beta as it seems that the released versions install coincided exactly with the reopening docs issue. I'm going to reboot my mac and do some maintenance on it and see if the issue is taken care of. If I don't amend this OP, then rebooting and such did nothing to solve this own my end.
  2. I posted this in And so far not a word from any one from Affinity, so I'm posting it here, hopefully it'll get some attention. Basically in ALL Affinity apps (Desiger, Photo and Publisher) I can have documents open, the preferences set to reopen documents and I close down the app. When I start the app back up, there's no documents opened. This happened with the 1.7 release of Designer and Photo. Other apps on my Mac opens with the documents that I was working on in the previous section, so I can definitively state that this is a Affinity issue. edit: the reopen documents works in Publisher and still won't in Designer and Photo. seems to me that the Publisher RC1 has corrected this issue. So it just needs to be corrected in Designer and Photo Any help is appreciated.