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Found 4 results

  1. Photo works normally when first launched, however after a few saves, or having worked on a couple of files, I suddenly get a "Permissions Denied" error. The problem comes whether I save, save as, or export. The result is the same. The location of the save, or export is irrelevant since I have saved to my Dropbox folder, or directly to my desktop, or any other location in my computer. To circumvent this problem I have to quit Photo and relaunch in order to continue working, however, if i did extensive edits, I will more than likely loose those edits. Also, this happens if I try to open a file from any location on my computer. I may be working ok with some files and suddenly the next one will not open with the attached error. Even if the location is the same as the previous file that worked successfully. Please help, as this is at best very irritating and at worst I keep loosing time and breaks my workflow. I am including a screenshot of the error. Please advice on a solution. Thanks.
  2. Affinity Photo & Designer 1.8.3 (App Store installed) macOS Mojave 10.14.6 On my MBP either program was unable to open any editable file from anywhere on the file system nor could it save a new file that was created, resulting in a warning of "Permission Denied." However, on my Mac Pro, everything worked just fine. After some research someone said it was related to the number of fonts installed on the system. I confirmed this case by reducing the number of fonts to match my Mac Pro on my MBP. MBP had 2,800 fonts and the MP had 2,300 enabled. Also, an interesting side note, Publisher which I've purchase direct instead of the App Store had no problems with 2,800 fonts. No other program is affected by the number of fonts enabled, this bug should be fixed.
  3. Hi i have weird problem with both designer and photo beta (iMac 5k, OS X yosemite 10.10.2, designer 1.2 and photo beta 1.1.2). I can't save or open any files with designer or photo beta (including affinitys own files or all image files, pdf, ai ....) unless the files i try to open are in pictures folder or i save to pictures folder (pictures folder that OS X creates for user). Anywhere else, i get the error message you don't have permissions... or file is corrupt... or file is not found... If i copy files to pictures folder then i can open them without problems. Also preview in open file dialog shows red cross with all files when files are outside pictures folder. So this is clearly some kind of wicked permissions problem between OS X and affinity apps only. I don't have any permission problems with other softwares (like adobe cc, manga studio etc). I also tried running the repair permission command but it had no effect whatsoever and i don't know what else to try. I recall with adobes software corrupted preferences files can cause problems so could this be something similar? Anyway i am out of ideas what to do. Reinstalling had no effect either. This is very annoying since i would love to use designer (and photo) but right now its impossible.
  4. Hi, I have searched through various topics but don't find anything that deals with this: I have an iPad pro running Affinity Designer with absolutely no trouble at all. Flawless function. EXCEPT when I want to access my camera roll. There is nothing there. I looked in iPad settings and AD has not requested permission to access photos... I've reinstalled app and everything. No change. Still no way to get the app to see my pics. Please help? Thanks a million
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