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Found 6 results

  1. Hi there Just installed Publisher on my Windows 10 PC. It crashes instantly when opening .aps files (created on a MAC) and creating any New Document rendering the software totally useless. I've restarted several times and refreshed the cache. See attached for crash reports. Any help will be greatly appreciated. 0b0e418b-588d-40c2-857b-ca60fcfa2eb4.dmp 5d58f70a-f7f5-4a18-98d5-4e03dac66373.dmp 7ad88f11-aaad-4a9f-a4d6-ed2752c542d2.dmp 96c4ef37-dd31-45f4-96c3-52c3c7d3b8dc.dmp 75801063-827f-4e50-a518-f49c4e03cbe1.dmp abf0b9db-79d9-48e7-9369-ad04c0024e3d.dmp ac54b145-fd56-4d59-a5bc-f5607509ab08.dmp c1188f74-0c17-4aa7-b981-a2a6cf98f5c2.dmp ce8f3837-10cc-4d6a-8f42-c9adf2e13788.dmp fae65806-3985-4fe6-823b-014b47ca92f3.dmp
  2. There are limits in File > New > My Presets, a feature I would love to see improved. If there is already a preset named "Custom" (from some previous session) and you click the "+" button at the top right of the dialog — let's say you want to make something entirely different — you get only an error message about a previously existing preset with the same name. You must rename the existing "Custom" preset, then click "+" again—after which "Custom" is again your only option at the start. Then you have to rename it yet again. Alternatives: Press "+". The error dialog appears and gives you these options: 1. Replace the existing preset. 2. Update/edit the existing preset. Better (IMO): Press "+". Dialog appears in which you enter the name of your desired new preset. If such a name exists now (ignore case, please): Queries: Replace existing? Edit existing? And: Select an existing preset from the graphical list in the main part of the dialog box. Right-click the preset. A context menu appears that includes: Rename preset... Delete preset NEW FUNCTIONALITY: Edit preset Generally the inability to edit an existing preset without having to create an entirely new one is somewhat frustrating and I hope you can consider changing this.
  3. I have a document preset (preset — not .aftemplate file) I named "Magcloud 8in square CMYK." Color space: CMYK with the default CMYK color profile. I decided also to make a version whose color space is RGB, with the usual-and-accustomed sRGB profile. In the New Document dialog I single-click "Magcloud 8in square CMYK." In the settings panel to the right I alter only the settings I need to change (color space and color profile). These changes cause the label "Magcloud 8in square CMYK" at the upper right to change to "Custom." I click the "+" button there and a new preset named "Custom" is created. I rename "Custom" to "Magcloud 8in square RGB." I close the dialog without creating a new file — thinking that closing it might be required for the new settings to "take" fully. Then I select File > New, select "Magcloud 8in square RGB", and click Create. When I view the new file's Spread Setup dialog, the Page Preset value is not "Magcloud 8in square RGB" as expected. Instead, it is "Magcloud 8in square CMYK." The document has the correct color-space and color-profile settings — but the wrong "based on preset" name. I can certainly select the correct preset name in the Spread Setup drop-down menu, but why should that be necessary? What procedure do I need to change to make the new document's info conform to the preset I first selected and not the one I didn't select? (Possible bug, or a feature I don't understand yet?)
  4. Hi, I am starting to do some compositing in Affinity, and have noticed on some YouTube videos that users at the start, set up a new document. They then load their photos onto this document and work on them there. Why set up a new document? Are there some advantages? thanks for reading, cheers Geoffrey
  5. Would love to be able to save my own sizes & styles as I use many not here in list. Would be great to be able to just save them in the menu in both photo and designer
  6. Hello, Thanks for the great program. Is it possible to make and save customized documents? I see customized documents and I can put my resolutions int it but I want it saved for future use. Thanks. Regards, Young
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