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Found 7 results

  1. Replacing Documents within the Resource Manager used to work perfectly and then within the last two weeks it has resulted in continuous crashing with not just one but multiple Affinity Publisher Documents. When I recognised this problem I immediately uninstalled and reinstalled Affinity Publisher but unfortunately this crashing has continued. The Resource Manager still seems to work well in recognising a document has been modified but now is no longer able to update it within Affinity Publisher. After clicking the update button the entire document crashes. The documents are in this case svg files from Inkscape and usually the update has been a small colour change. No major change in file size etc. The only work around I have found has been to delete the linked svg. document out of Publisher and reinsert it. This is extremely tedious and is slowing down my workflow to no end. Would really appreciate if anyone has a solution for this! I am using Affinity Publisher version
  2. Since there is no tracing option for Affinity Designer yet, I usually use the vector brush tool to trace the outline of a drawing to get the shape. But I don't usually get this accomplished in one continuous line. Therefore, I have to use the node selection tool (white arrow) to join the pathway segments together. As I was attempting to do so on my iPad Pro, my vector pathway would start accumulating quite a bit of nodes. Eventually, it would no longer allow me to join another curve pathway without crashing. When I reopen the file, it was a version of the file that was at least 2 saves back from my recent saved version. However, when I open the file and try the same process on the macOS version, everything works fine. I am able to join more curves and save the file as expected. I can only assume this is either a bug with iOS 14 and Affinity Designer or it is a deliberate hampering of the computing power of the iPad Pro by Affinity. Has any one else experienced this issue? I am running the latest version of iPadOS 14.0.1 and the latest version of Affinity Designer on both operating systems.
  3. Hello, I recently purchased your software as all the videos showed how well it works for astrophotography. I was particularly impressed with how fast your stacking process was in your videos. However, each time I use your Astrophotography Stacking process, once I hit stack the whole programme just crashes. I left the programme alone for over an hour. Not even Deep Sky Stacker takes that long. This is deeply disappointing and contrasting to what your videos demonstrate. My laptop has a i7 quad core processor too so it's not exactly slow or lacking power. Please can you provide me with support on this issue? I have attached a screenshot here (using my phone as I can't grab a screenshot due to your programme crashing every time).
  4. Hi, I have been using Affinity Designer on my iPad for about 6 months. So far it has been great up until recently. When I am working on a project the app will suddenly crash. Affinity is taking up about 17 gigabytes of storage, is this why? I have tried deleting projects I don’t need anymore and clearing up space but the problem still exists. At first I thought it would only happen if I was using too many art boards but lately the app will crash regardless. Please let me know if you know a solution or need more info!
  5. Hello community 👋 hope everyone is safe and doing well during these tumultuous times. Regarding my issue.. the video I embedded shows the problem. (App Crashes around final 3 seconds of video) I have tried the following: Rebooting ipad Powering Down iPad No other apps running in the background Closing out app and relaunching it I am not running any form of AP beta (nor do I want to, wiped out all my information last time I tried - triple yikes!) I am on the latest version of AP (shown in attached image) I am on the latest version of iOS (shown in attached image) I am on iPad Pro 2017 model (10.5) Would appreciate any insight on this. Thank you! FullSizeRender.mov
  6. Affinity Photo 1.81.3 on windows 10 desktop Anytime I try to add anything to the asset panel it freezes the program. Help 5/12/20 Now Photo will load but even trying to create a new document frezes the program.
  7. 1.7 crashes opening Sony raw files, focus merging and HDR merging. Anyone else experiencing this and if so know a fix? Thanks in advance
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