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Found 4 results

  1. I have seen some weird bugs with shortcuts in the latest App Store version of Designer. Designer does not seem to save my shortcuts when I close the app. I tried to change the pixel tool to N, but whenever I close it, it is back to B again. I also noticed some other weird stuff where I could add shortcuts to tools from the Designer Persona to the pixel persona... (See screenshot). I tried to add one, and it worked too (I added Ü to use the pie tool, and I could use the pie tool while in the pixel persona) This is not how this is supposed to work, is it? After I quit designer and restarted it, the Pie tool was in the Designer short cuts list twice...😩 I guess that a preferences file is corrupted or something? Please help me with this.
  2. Hi there I found 3 bugs related to the Preferences settings - Shortcuts 1. Smudge tool is missing on the Pixel (very important to my workflow with painting) 2. The Pixel settings / Tools is displaying the Vector tools. 3. it's not saving the preference when re-opening the app, I've removed the Pixel Brush from my shortcuts -> (B) and it's backing when I open the app again (Screenshots attached) but the most important for now is the Smudge and the Save shortcuts regards Jhon
  3. I have an issue both with the App Store version and the Beta version of Designer with the tools shortcuts. I have tried to change some of these to make it more similar to other software, like making the pixel tool N and the fill tool F. But each time I quit Designer and restart the app, these changes are gone again. I had this issue with the app store version for a longer time already, but not with Photo, only Designer. I hoped that the Beta version would resolve this issue, but it seems the same thing happens here. I tried resetting some preferences, but it does not seem to change much. I saved the shortcuts and can reload them each time of course, but this is not ideal. Do you have any idea where this issue comes from and how i might be resolved? Another related issue which also reported on in the app store version and now in the beta as well, is when I change tool shortcuts in preferences, I can add shortcuts for functions in the vector persona while I am in the pixel persona menu. This seems to be a bigger issue and might have something to with tools shortcuts not saving correctly.
  4. Hi, here's a weird behaviour I see in Affinity Designer 1.10.0 on Mac 10.13.6. I'm changing some shortcut keys in preferences and switching from the Designer to the Pixel persona with the dropdown menu. The list of shortcut keys updates, but doesn't seem to reflect the tools I expect in the Pixel persona. I have to change the persona on the main toolbar and refresh the dropdown list to display the tools I expect. Hard to explain, so here's a gif. I would expect changing the persona in the preferences from this dropdown menu would show all the pixel tools and that changing the current persona from the main toolbar would have no effect on the preferences window. I'm assuming this is a bug? Or is this just weird UX? I believe this was also present in earlier versions. Not a critical bug for me, just wanted to call it out. Thanks!
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