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Found 7 results

  1. hi, i am designing a large banner and when i publish to a pdf the outer glow that i put around an outline of a letter disappears ....any ideas? agoura dance team banner.pdf
  2. Hi Affinity Team, It would be great to have Global Colours available in Layer Effects. For example when adding outer glow, I often use the same colour as the object on which I am applying the effect (e.g: outer glow) but it doesn't automatically change with the colour of the object, neither does it change when I update the Global Colour which I selected to apply to the effect (e.g: outer glow). In fact selecting a Global Colour in the colour palettes of Layer Effects is not available. It's a big waste of time when I have to go back and manually change the colour of the glow (or outline, shadow, overlay, gradient...) because I decided to change a Global Colour.. Thanks !
  3. Hey There, I have some text that I've rasterized and erased bits of in pixel mode to make it look like neon tubing. When I then apply the Outer Glow effect, however, the effect doesn't seem to recognize the erased area, but treats it like I "painted" over the text with the background color (in this case, black); the glow doesn't touch the erased edges. Below is the process I've followed to get here; I'll note that it's what I used to do in Adobe without issue, so perhaps it's a workflow thing, and not a bug. ...and yes, I know the erasure is sloppy- just testing it out at this point 1) Add text 2) Rasterize text layer 3) In Pixel Persona, erase text bits, as needed 4) Apply Outer Glow effect to text I've attached some screenshots of the before/after effect.
  4. v1.6.1.93 When copying an Outer Glow Layer effect already applied to an object with the intention pasting (Paste FX) the same effect to another object, the radius value is not pasted. If for example I were to copy the curve selected in the screenshot below, then select and Paste FX to the second Curve (the first one in layers panel) the radius value of 15.5 px is not pasted. When an outer glow is applied to an object which is then placed over another object the Outer Glow falls behind the object. In the example in the screenshot below the grey coloured rectangle is below all the other layers at the back but the outer glow is obscured. fx.afdesign
  5. Hi, As you can see with the attached images, the rendering of the same text or shape tools on Designer and Photo are not the same. There are extra white pixels on the Photo version. Same problem with Outer glow Settings: Opacity:100% Radius: 20.5 px Offset: 47,4 px Angle: 270 Thanks!
  6. Hi! I'm trying to add an black outer glow to a shape thats located on a colored background in affinity designer, but it doesn't seem to work! When I put the same shape directly to the artboard, then the black outer glow appears, but as soon as i try to move it to a colored background it disappears. Am i doing something wrong or does affinity simply not support a black glow on a colored background?
  7. Hi! When I increase intensity in layer effects such as outer glow and outer shadow, especially more than 90%, color softness decreases and colors in borders become jagged and stepped; and It occurs in both pixel and curve layers! Versions tested: beta, beta
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