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    Constant crashing

    Hi, apologies for a late reply. I usually run the standard array of apps at the same time such as Chrome. Steam and a few cloud services which I cannot disable unless I wish to deleted all of my files that are on there. It is quite difficult to replicate the crash as it is somewhat random. However I have been more vigilant as to when it happens and few things stand out. The first is that the crash seems to happen when the program is under heavy load such as loading a RAW file or something of very high resolution/DPI. Photo usually freezes for 3+ seconds and then resumes and works fine with the message I have mentioned in my initial post. Pressing OK makes the program crash, ignoring it makes it work. That is what makes me somewhat confused. Second thing I have noticed is that this also happens when Photo is running for extended periods of time. I am not sure if this can be of any help. I will try running it with most apps disabled, barring the cloud services which I need, and try again. d21a4d34-3a57-4661-bb92-be096077e014.dmp
  2. gowther

    Constant crashing

    That folder is empty.
  3. gowther

    Constant crashing

    It happens quite often and so it's hard to point out what causes this. Sometimes it's using a text tool, sometimes it's when trying to resize a layer. In the worst case scenarios it's when I switch from one file to another.
  4. gowther

    Constant crashing

    At this point my mind is considering going back to Adobe's Creative Suite because the amount of issues I got from Affinity has been overwhelming. Particularly this issue. At a random point while editing in Photo an error message pops up saying: Ignoring it has proven to be the best course of action. While this message is there the performance of the program gets worse and worse until few hours down the line it's impossible to use. I have waited and waited for a fix in a new version or something along those lines but nothing. Clicking OK results in the software crashing without creating an autosave or giving me the option to restore my work - as other more sensible pieces of software do. Below are my PC specs: Personally I find it insulting that Serif's (Affinity's) official response is to direct customers with issues to a forum to outsource support from other customers. By all accounts there should be a clear live chat option as there is for Adobe and other software. Editing this post just to clarify that I have purchased Creative Cloud instead, but I still wish to be helped here.