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  1. Mhoyle

    Individual Brushes lost after crash

    Thanks DM1! Appreciate the advice. Not sure how I missed that :-)
  2. Mhoyle

    Individual Brushes lost after crash

    Thanks for the response DM1. No I didn’t back them up as I didn’t see a way to. It was weeks of work creating them too. Very specific for the book I’m doing. Pretty devastated. Oh well. Thanks for the tip on Readdle documents. I’ll look into it and a way to back up my custom brushes. The app app has been crashing quite a bit lately at different stages too. Randomly. It’s a new system update and a new iPad Pro. Hoping we get an update on Affinity Designer iOS soon. Really depending on it for projects.
  3. Mhoyle

    Individual Brushes lost after crash

    I’ve just lost my entire collection of purchased raster brushes and also ones I’ve spent weeks creating. I’m working on a new iPad Pro with affinity designers latest build as of today. I have a book I’m illustrating and need the brush sets back. There only seems to be the default brushes. I’ve restarted iPad but still the same, no custom brushes. If someone could help I’d appreciate it.

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