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  1. I misinterpreted your answer and thought you didn't care about this problem. I stand corrected !
  2. That is very good news I will try that tonight ! Thanks for your patience with me ^^
  3. So if there is no way for the user to speed things up, then there is something I do not understand : My mother is importing Illustrator files into designer that have 10s of thousands of layers. They are not slow in illustrator. So the following answer : … is not really acceptable, something I would understand would be more along the lines of : "Sorry we know our software is not the fastest but at the moment optimisation is not our priority" I know I am probably being rude. As a programmer I know the reality of deadlines and schedules but I also know what an intel E5-2678V3 can do ! We love you guys I think everybody does here. And we would love this software to replace illustrator but in this case it is difficult to consider it because of the lack of performance. I would be happy to provide you with the illustrator file if I can send it to you privately.
  4. Are you saying I could keep the same amount of individually controlable objects but reducing the number of layers ? Can I do that ?
  5. OeilDeLance

    Brush lag driving me crazy

    I am having the problem in "Designer" so the problem is more about a number of points to move. Yes the number of points is high but not that high compared to what other softwares can do. An exemple file is attached in my post.
  6. Up. Could any one tell me what I am missing to have an answer ? My forum account is not linked to any purchase but I would be happy to provide the details of the account who did.
  7. OeilDeLance

    Brush lag driving me crazy

    I have a similar problem but with the move tool. What do you think ? Looks like an optimisation problem to me
  8. I really like affinity designer and consider it a really promising alternative to Illustrator. I purchased this software for my mother who is a lace maker and need to draw lace backgrounds with a vectorial software. The problem is that these backgrounds are really detailed and can have thousands of lines. The move tool becomes quickly unresponsive even on a high end machine such as an intel E5-2678V3. I attached a quick example file - to reproduce the problem: Select all object and try to use the move tool. This really is the only obstacle to us to get rid of the Adobe plague ^^ Does any one have the same problem ? Any kind of help appreciated, Thanks ! Additional information: The same thing works with no problem in Illustrator (a bit slow but still usable). mm.afdesign