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  1. Thanks for the response Dan even though its not very satisfactory. M50 was released over a year ago, Canon R series now released, using same RAW format with probably all new Canon releases using same and Serif have no timescale for offering a solution. Come on. You set yourselves up as an alternative to Adobe but do not offer same levels of support. Perhaps a disclaimer on your web site would be in order to the effect that we can not support everything RAW in the marketplace today. I have no idea, nor care, about the complexities involved in providing support for CR3 but would at least expect a roadmap to be in place for your existing and future users to be able to see. I am now aware that I can convert CR3 files into DNG format which Affinity photo can recognise, using an Adobe product. Again I'm not aware of the technicalities that allow this but why cant Serif do this??.
  2. Hi I have recently changed my camera to a Canon M50 and now find that Affinity Photo does not support the CR3 files. Is there a fix available for this?.
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