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  1. Sorry, but I didn't get what you mean. The Appearance Studio is already closed in the recorded video above, unless you meant something else
  2. Yeah .. I use xp-pen tablet. The problem start to happen after I use the tablet. (in the capture, I was using my mouse in the whole video, before recording I used the graphics tablet to induce the problem) Up to now, all of the occurrences of this problem occurred after using the graphics tablet, and to solve the problem I have to restart the program and stop using the tablet Still I have the other problem with brush stroke manipulation, I can't control the width variation in the same stroke, is it normal, or is it a bug?
  3. see how it behaves .. even with the brush, it is not following my cursor! Mustafa-26-06-2019-14-43-10.wmv
  4. I tried to recreate the problem, but I couldn't before it happened to me twice, even after restarting the program. If it happens again, I will make sure to record it. Still I have the problem with brush stroke manipulation, is it normal, or is it a bug? Regarding older version, yeah I bought the software from you, but I couldn't find how to download the previous version Thanks
  5. Hello I noticed couple bugs, I hope they get fixed soon 1st Problem: Very slow I noticed that when I use the pencil or brush tool, while in vector persona, using my graphics tablet (to utilize pressure sensitivity) ... the whole software will get unbearably slow. even though there are very few nodes in the whole artwork 2nd Problem: Brush tool stroke width manipulation is not working, if I draw using the mouse then try to modify the stroke properties nothing will happen [check image] Is there any way to download the previous version 1.6?? I need it in these days and I can't wait until the bugs are fixed. Thanks for your efforts
  6. Thank you Now it works. The problem I had is that I haven't selected the both objects. I saw that snapping to sharp nodes was working without selecting both objects, so I assumed it'd snap to smooth nodes, too.
  7. This is great! I am happy to find this workaround, even though I was hoping it to be more natural like in Inkscape, you can snap nodes of different shapes to each other directly by using Move Tool. Anyway, this is not the main reason I am replying here, actually, I found that this method only snaps to Path and Sharp Nodes, if the node is Smooth I can't snap to it! Am I missing something here? Thanks

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