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  1. I purchased AP and AD-AP has some cool features, but pretty much disappointed with AD-for me to switch entirely from Adobe Illustrator, i would at least have to see these features introduced/developed: ---------------------------------------- 1) export eps (and/or native file format) files with transparent backgrounds. 2) distort filters ie distort, roughen, zigzag, etc. 3) image tracing capabilities 4) vector brush effects 5) gradient mesh ---------------------------------------- i don't like the Adobe subscription model-i think it reeks of greed. If Affinity charged for upgrades in the future, i wouldn't mind paying for them, as long as they could rival Adobe with similar features like the above (that i can't live without). I praise Serif for their efforts so far, and i agree a designer should be able to own their own tools, much like a carpenter. But i can't make the full switch to Designer without these features introduced. I was very hopeful when i first purchased, but eventually disappointed. Thank you for hearing me out.