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  1. Not sure how to vote for this, but I completely agree. I hoped it was an existing feature that I just didn't know how to configure.
  2. New to both iPad Pro and Affinity Photo. Love how the Apple Pencil works in other apps, but this one seems to be missing two features, or I need to know how to adjust them. Pencil Double-Tap, I tried switch to eraser, but I prefer switch to previous tool, and it seems to be ignored in either state. Ability to disable tools by Finger. I want to only use Pencil as the tool, and any finger input should pan/zoom/tool pick or similar non-altering function. Besides the above, I am also struggling with the Tool where I need to select the source by holding an area. It works if I hold with my finger, but I can't seem to get it to hold the area with the pencil. Otherwise, this program seems really nice, thank you in advance for your help.