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  1. Just tried a 4 shot panorama, the 'New Panorama' Widget loaded the 4 raw images, and seemed to stitch them however when I hit the ok button the software fell over. It is not as if my machine is not powerful enough, it's a core i7-8700@3.7GHz, 32Gb ram, windows 10 64bit it has run every other editor, was using photoshop and Dxo but thought affinity was better as a colleague has no problems although he is a canon user and I use nikon. I just thought with the panorama and focus stacking widgets this would be ideal. I have been wrong before and it looks like I am now.
  2. So no one knows the answer. Do I cancel and go for a refund? As I cannot use as is ?
  3. So now if find out. So was the D800E supported ?
  4. D800E, 16-35 and a sigma 150-500, but why would that make any difference ?
  5. Is there a size limit, as is does not seem to open even the Jpg's of the raw files, at the moment it seems I have wasted my money.
  6. I have just loaded Affinity to edit ones photo's however the first Nikon Raw file I try to open the package crashes, it has repeated for the second and third attempt. I get the feeling I have wasted my money. I believe it should open in the developer. The Nikon NEF files are about 45MB.
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