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  1. Jeff Malachowsky

    Affinity NOT appearing in Photos editing options

    Thank you for such prompt responses, during what for many is a holiday week! What I’m actually trying to do is have Affinity’s editing tools appear as ‘extensions’ in the natives Apple Photos program on my iPad. I’ve read that I should be able to access much of Affinity’s capabilities from within Photos on the iPad. Here’s one discussion about this from an Apple forum - https://discussions.apple.com/docs/DOC-9492 - though this refers to the Mac OS rather than iPad - but other posts and articles are explicit in referring to Affinity for iPad making extensions available in Photos for iPad. In my case, when I open Photos after already installing and opening up Affinity, I do not see Affinity listed as an option under Apple ‘Photos - Edit - More... ‘. So - how can I make Affinity’s tools appear as extensions in the Apple Photo’s app on my iPad Pro??
  2. Hello! I purchased Affinity for iPad to further edit holiday photo’s in my Apple Photos app, but I cannot get it to appear as an option in Photo’s Edit. Mine is an iPad Pro, purchased this summer. How can I fix this? Thank you!

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