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  1. Hi, I recently tried to print an artboard from a document. It did not respond directly to the print command but gave me the beach ball instead. After waiting a while I restarted the program and tried again to no avail. Other documents I opened gave no printing problem. I then copied the contents of an artboard to a new page, but the printing problem remained. Then I tried to export an artboard as a pdf in order to trying printing that but the document never appeared in the map. Creating a jpg did work, though. Then I tried erasing some of the artboards of which I thought had caused the problem. Even that was a problem... Some layers were locked in other to erase everything so I tried to unlock them, but alas, I could not unlock them. Finally I checked if other documents were still printable : the printing problem had spread on other documents as well. My question: what went wrong? How can I resolve this issue? Do I have to reinstall Designer?