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  1. Hi, I've just inserted de automatic page numbering in my document. On Master A I have put the location of the numbers in de lower left hand and right hand corner of the spread, as is the custom. Oddly enough on some pages de page numbers switch location, namely to the lower right hand for the left page and visa versa for the right page. Very frustrating, since I can not seem to solve this. From pages 2 to 9 all goes well, but after that it switches randomly so it seems. I'll attach my file so you can see for yourself. Thanks for looking in to this. Much appreciated it! Regards, Kris Bierproject.afpub
  2. Hi Gabe, no problems anymore with the newer version.
  3. Hi, I recently tried to print an artboard from a document. It did not respond directly to the print command but gave me the beach ball instead. After waiting a while I restarted the program and tried again to no avail. Other documents I opened gave no printing problem. I then copied the contents of an artboard to a new page, but the printing problem remained. Then I tried to export an artboard as a pdf in order to trying printing that but the document never appeared in the map. Creating a jpg did work, though. Then I tried erasing some of the artboards of which I thought had caused the problem. Even that was a problem... Some layers were locked in other to erase everything so I tried to unlock them, but alas, I could not unlock them. Finally I checked if other documents were still printable : the printing problem had spread on other documents as well. My question: what went wrong? How can I resolve this issue? Do I have to reinstall Designer?
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