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  1. John, your suggestion worked, I removed two adjustment layers...the colors are now correct. Thank you!!!
  2. not sure how to show my layers panel. when I hide, or delete the objects that are above the tiles, it removes the brownish tint that is discoloring the gray in the tiles. I cannot figure out what in the layers is causing this?
  3. the gray tiles to the left change color as seen on the right, when "sent to the back". ??? Anyone know why? Driving me nuts. I want the grays to remain the colors you see on the left image. I have nothing hidden either. Thank you. james
  4. thank you, but I am using the fourth button. still ends up being ragged right...I'll try relaunching affinity...
  5. I am trying to "left justify" some copy and it only goes to "justified left/ragged right", no matter what I try. I don't understand why it won't justify on both sides. The other options work, center justified, full justified, but the left justified option only goes to a regular left/ragged right. Is there a special way to create a text box? I just typed out the text and it seems to have created it's own text box. thanks.
  6. how do you fill a shape with a gradient that already has been used in another shape? I'm trying to use the same gradient already being used, but cannot figure out how to "transfer" the same fill to another object??
  7. So far, so very good. anyone know if there's a gradient mesh tool or something similar? I notice when opening illustrator files, which it does perfectly, designs with a gradient mesh open without the gm. Thank you.
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