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  1. I have taken all your comments on board especially the direction of light source and possible effects from the red sky and its reflections on the landscape as well as water. Looks like I took a big bite by selecting images of such opposing moods (have to go back to Aus and wait for a bunch of ibises taking to the wings on a pink sky over the Dundowran Beach). By the way I called the birds erroneously ducks -they are ibis- the original shot bore that out. Thanks, Sigi
  2. Hi everyone, be it ducks, swans or flying pigs I like what "first defence" has done. It is not always that the copiers win and a different approach is always appreciated, this is what makes us tick. Thank you so much I will now try the same method. In the meantimeI had another go using the method described by Rick Peterson writing for Adobe PSE. Once I got the hang of translating from PSE to Affinity it worked out reasonable. Rick is using the trees to make a black and white but even then I had todo tweaking due the the original blue shining thru. I attach my result as a flattened image. Thanks again and I like the humour and word play. PS: refining the selection gave me some trouble. EOS30D-20090705-06 RPetersonMask.afphoto
  3. Hi, I'm new to Photo (have played with simpler photo edit tools like PSE) but now I like to do something a bit more complex such as a tricky sky replacement; it might even deserve a Video. Three images are attached one of which is the desired outcome but not done very well (it is merely there to explain what I'm after - Pictures are better than a 1000 words). There is a beach shot with overhanging casuarina trees and a sky picture with a couple of ducks flying in an evening sky. Yes you guessed right I like to see the duck-sky behind the casuarinas replacing the blue sky. My attempts (working for many days - I'm 80+ and retired) need much improvements. Anyone out there giving it a go by listing procedures involved or sample (by way of "....afphototo set"). There are a view examples out there like "Insanely Difficult Sky Replacement ... PhotoShop" but I have not been able to do the same due to inexperience in Affinity Photo. So here you have a challenge? Sigi (sigifpc@gmail.com) PS: the sky duck shot is slightly different to show the birds without the tree interference.
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