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  1. Hi, my name is Benjamin. I never had problems before with Affinity Designer. But they started a couple of months ago. After working designing stuff, the app just crashes randomly and close. When I reopen the app, it open the files I was in but significantly in a previous versions with all my work lost. This is frustrating A LOT. I cannot afford to loose all my work like that in a Thanos snap! I count on your team to rapidly respond to this thread and help me fast. I need to deliver products to clients! My iPad OS is 13.3.1 and Affinity Designer version is 1.8.0. Please help me!
  2. Hi, My name is Benjamin. When designing in Affinity Designer in iPad, with my second gen Apple Pencil Touch, I have noticed that whatever width a single line has, I can't select it with (V) tool to move it. It is always starting in selection mode as soon as I press my pencil tip on the screen and drag it. And if I try to move anything with the wheel selection in Transform Studio, it is either moving at light speed across my screen, or like at an ak-47 gunshot rhythm.... ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta....and comes back either where it started originally to move from, or goes far away from the desired point of destination. NOT super handy and precise. I actually experienced better precision with my fingers... Also, when in other apps, fullscreen, and copying text or png icon, and trying to paste it in affinity designer, the app crashes completely. Have to reboot all the time. No exception made. I love your softwares and keep up the good work to develop others!! WE NEED ADOBE ALTERNATIVES LIKE YOURS!!! Love you guys Signed: FAN FOR LIFE
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