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  1. CasualUser

    The Help file is blank

    The product help files have been broken for me since I purchased the software nearly 6 months ago - it's really hard to learn a new product when the help doesn't work, and video tutorials are a really awful way to learn anything. I'm not interested in a public beta - when will you release a fix? The current release of this software is a year old, it is looking like support for this product is not high on your priority list.
  2. Hi - as a brand-new user of Affinity, I installed it (purchased from Apple App Store) on MacOS Mojave 10.14.2, and help is non-functional. When I search for a topic in the Help menu inside Affinity, the help window shows up blank. If I search again using the same string in the Search box inside Help, a list of topic headings actually show up in the Help window. But clicking on any of those topic headings once again results in a blank help window. So, I can see the topics exist, but cannot display any of the actual help content. It looks like the promise of MacOS 10.14.2 fixing this issue has not been realized.