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  1. Hello Again, Just wanted to give you an update in case it's helpful. Through the process of troubleshooting and elimination, I was able to figure out if I went to each image and click on "Replace Image" and then click on the image in the folder again, it solved the problem. I'm now able to export with no issues. Very strange given I didn't move any of the images assets or anything in the 1 day that had passed since I last used the file. So I don't know if they became unlinked or something, but replacing them with the same image did the trick. It might be better if it gave some sort of warning instead of crashing the program. In InDesign, this can happen from time to time, but it gives you a yellow alert on the image saying it needs to be relinked. Hope this helps and thanks for great software and continually working to improve it :-) -Chris
  2. Hi there, I'm using beta ...192 and it was working great (LOVE the layout and design, workflow, etc.) But all of a sudden yesterday I started having Export problems. I opened a file I had to make a quick change to that had a typing mistake. I added a letter to the end of one word. Saved it. Then when to export as PDF and unchecked the Include Bleed box (which I always uncheck) and as soon as I clicked Export Affinity Publisher crashed. I then tried again but this time it immediately crashed when I tried to export (instead of giving me time to uncheck the Include Bleed box). I've used it all week, including exporting and it's been working great. Such a weird thing to start happening all of a sudden. Especially when I didn't make any other changes to the app or defaults, etc. So then I tried another file I had been working on and it too crashed the app as soon as I tried to export. So then I tried to make a copy of the file and export that and again it crashed. Finally, I started the program while holding Ctrl and checked the first 3 and then I also checked the box to clear the Export Defaults. I tried again, and again it crashed as soon as I tried to export. Anyway, I just thought I'd report this in case I can be of assistance to you with this bug. I've been loving Affinity Publisher and trying to ween my dependence on InDesign so I'd love to keep using the software. Already bought your other two programs (Photo and Designer) and love them!

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