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  1. In the Wacom tablet software, I have just found the 'use windows ink' tickbox checked (on) in the mapping tab. So I unchecked it and now all seems to be working fine. Still strange why it still worked in the new Windows profile. Thanks for your help Chris
  2. Apart from the Dell factory installed software and Windows 10. The list of installed software is as follows: Adobe Lightroom. Adobe Reader. ColorMunki Smile. Canon iP8700 series printer driver and associated programs. Mozzila Firefox. OpenOffice. Olympus Digital camera updater. Wacom tablet driver. X-rite Device Services Manager. The list is not large so I am surprised there is a conflict. Cheers Chris
  3. Hi, I Can confirm I created a new profile, and although I've not tested it extensively, it seems to have sorted out the problem. I do not wish to have two profiles on my laptop and have to keep switching between them. So with this new information is it possible to fix the original installation on my original profile? Cheers Chris
  4. Hi I started having problems with the input device buttons not working again. This time the problem started in the Develop Persona whilst I was adjusting Highlights & Shadows. After the problem started it seems to occur randomly e.g. switching between different applications web ect. Also, just before the initial problem I was having a lot of problems scrolling through my layers, the application became extremely slow. I checked Windows Task Manager and found that Affinity Photo was using over 4 GB of memory. This shouldnt be a problem on my laptop as I have 16 GB ram. Other application where still running fine i.e. I could easily come on this forum and browse for information. Cheers Chris
  5. Hi GabrielM I can confirm that the issue with the input devices only affects Affinity Photo. Also I can confirm I followed your instructions with regard renaming 1.0 to 1.1.backup and have not had any further problems. Hopefully it will stay like this if not I'll be back in touch. In the mean while, thank you for your assistance. Cheers Chris
  6. Hi GabrielM thanks for your reply. I was pretty sure all other apps work fine, but now you've asked the question I'm not 100%. I'll do more investigating and follow your advice and report back on my findings. Cheers Chris
  7. Hi I have a bug where Affinty Photo starts out ok then after a while both left and right mouse buttons stop working. I can use keyboard short cuts to save and close the programme etc. The problem affects all my input devices Wacom Intuos Pro, Mouse and the laptop touch pad. I have a new laptop (Dell XPS 9570 15) and the problem was found on both my new laptop and old laptop (Dell XPS L502X 15). I'm using: Windows 10. Wacom Intuos Pro. Apologies if this is posted elsewhere I did a search and could only find the opposite problem i.e. key board short cuts stop working but the input device works fine. Cheers Chris

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