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  1. Oh! I should have thought to try that. I came up with a more complicated answer involving chopping out the individual pages with Ghostscript -- its individual output files don't seem to have the object ordering problem.
  2. I think you're missing the point. The point is, Affinity Designer isn't reading the EPS parts of the file properly. To prove this, I've edited the file and removed the entire embedded comment-delimited AI9_PrivateData chunk, the preview bitmaps from the end of the file, and the IFF headers. The result is a plain text PostScript file with EPS headers, and with no bitmaps or embedded Illustrator data. I'm attaching it as patterns2.eps. This pure PostScript EPS file loads correctly in Preview, but does not load fully in Designer. As with the original file, the top six pages get incompletely rendered in Designer. Patterns2.eps
  3. I guess I'm confused why half of the top left square loads, for example. Are you saying that the top half of that square was saved as EPS, but the bottom half was put in an embedded AI?
  4. Would it be possible to make it ignore the embedded AI file and parse the rest of the EPS, rather than bailing out half way through? Or is it that somehow half the details in the file were saved as EPS and half only in the embedded AI? (If the latter, what are Adobe doing?!)
  5. I've got some EPS clip art which I attempted to load and use, but Affinity Designer seems to stop loading part way through. I tried loading the EPS into Preview, which worked. I then saved it out to PDF, and converted the PDF to SVG. The resulting SVG file also fails to load into Affinity Designer. However, the SVG will load into the free app Boxy SVG, and I don't see anything untoward about the code. Attaching both files. Patterns.eps Patterns.svg