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  1. Hello GabrielM, Fortunately, thanks to the latest update of Affinity Photo today (1.7.1), my problem with not automatically reopening the latest edited documents has been solved. I work day in day out with Photo and Publisher and I really appreciate them both. So my day is completely fine again. Thank you for thinking along.
  2. Hi, I have checked 'Close windows when quitting an app' in my Mac System Preferences> General. This is not checked. I then turned this box on and off a few times and restarted. But unfortunately that doesn't matter. I keep looking at a black screen without my documents. The programs themselves are automatically loaded and opened but the documents are not. This applies to Designer, Photo and Publisher. And up to that penultimate update, I never had any problems with that. I don't understand this. Paul
  3. Hi Gabe, After the last update, I obviously immediately tried this. The box with 'reopen document (s) at startup' is checked. But unfortunately ..... none of the 7 files I am currently working with was reopened. The screen remained nasty black. So problem is not solved yet.
  4. Not only does the "reopen document (s) at startup" function no longer works since the last update 1.7.0 (previously reported), but now also the zoom in - zoom out function via the mouse no longer works since the last update. Only with command + or -. This happens in both Affininty Photo, Affinity Publisher and Affinity Designer. This latest update is really a mess, so I would like to return to the version for the update, is that possible?
  5. Since the latest update of Aff.Photo (6-6-2019, updatw 1.7.0), re-open documents at startup no longer works. Now also no longer works in Aff.Publisher. After shutting down and starting up the computer now always look up and reload documents. Worked fine for the last update, not anymore. Very annoying.
  6. 1 - Just to be sure .... this is about Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher. With both is "Reopen ..." checked in Preferences > General 2 - I did not mean "open recently" but "export" in a different format, usually jpg, with the same or slightly changed file name. I cannot find this exported file via "file" - "open" in the folder where I saved that file. However, when I do this through Finder, I see that file. Strange and very annoying. This worked great for the latest update. 3 - Large letter = attention please; min point = minus / bad point
  7. Since the last update, I now have a few problems. 1 - I am working on several files at a time, which were previously neatly returned to the tabs after shutting down and restarting, so I could continue right away. Now, however, NO files are being loaded automatically and I have to search and load them again. Annoying, because sometimes I work with 10-13 files that I now have to look up again to open them. I had no problems before. MIN POINT 2 - When I export a file in a different format with a slightly changed name, often as a jpg, then close it and then want to open it again in that new format, I don't see that file among the files. But I see that file in Finder. I have tried everything but nothing works. How is this possible? This was also no problem for the latest update. MIN POINT ***** But now the solutions please.
  8. Pascho


    Hi Jon P Thanks to the example that you included in your response, I saw the section that I had overlooked and turned out to be the missing link. After correction, the numbering is as it should be. Thanks for this eye opener.
  9. Pascho


    Why can't I start the page numbering the way I want in the Section Manager. This field is black and nothing can be entered here. The page numbering now starts with my cover page while I want to start with page 4. I can't get it done. The help function offers no solution at all, it doesn't work that way. Hopefully soon a working system of page numbering or a good explanation about the steps to follow.

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