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  1. Hi @GabrielM. But I need a design program Thanks, Greg Edit ---- I found the design version and it works thanks https://affinityspotlight.com/article/affinity-designer-17-beta-now-available/
  2. Good morning I have a problem with exporting to pdf when I use roboto fonts. I have the latest downloaded fonts from Google fonts. Widnows 10 pro version 1809 and affinity designer version If I use, for example, arial, everything is ok. I thought it might be related to the font. I checked if you can save pdf in OpenOffice and here the surprise, the pdf has been saved correctly. In a word, the roboto is not attached to the pdf, you can see this if I check the "document properties" there is no font. I have made a document in which there are two texts, one in roboto and the other in arial. And only the arial font is included and the robot is missing. Any suggestions for what's going on? affinity-designer- from_openoffice_4.1.6.pdf roboto.afdesign Tests showed that each new font added to the system is not attached to the pdf document ------------------------------- A few moments later;) It is definitely a "Photo" fault and application "Designer". I installed the "Affinity Publisher Public Beta" version and here the text export with the robot and lato font is correct. affinity-publisher-public-beta.afpub affinity-publisher-public-beta.pdf