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  1. Hi James, Thank you for your reply. Turning off Metal compute acceleration indeed helped a bit. Images now open in about 15 seconds (which is still far from fast and not comparable with Photoshop's less than a second). Basic edits (exposure, contrast, clarity, vibrance, etc.) are faster, too, but still not like in Photoshop or Pixelmator or Apple Photo. This tile-by-tile thing (the edit's result shows in one part of the image, then in the next, and so on) is still there, and, for instance, changing the exposure still takes over a second. This doesn't sound like long (and is much
  2. Hi there, thanks for looking into this. The MacBook is not running in safe mode. Screenshot of Preferences > Performance attached.
  3. Hi, I'm using the trial version of Affinity Photo (V 1.6.11) on a MacBook Pro (2017, 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5, 500GB hard drive, 16 GB RAM, Mojave 10.14.1). I use it as it was installed, no changes made to the preferences or elsewhere. The software is extremely slow. Opening Fujifilm RAW files (all about 30 MB) takes over 20 seconds. Any basic edit, such as exposure, contrast, clarity, vibrance, etc., takes at least 5 seconds. The editing result is shown only tile-by-tile in the image. The Mac's spinning wheel basically rotates constantly once any edit is made. Photoshop opens the same files
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