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  1. I've attached a log I copied earlier affinity_designer.crash.log
  2. I'm using the Clipboard History that's from Alfred app. If I disable the "Keep Images" setting, it doesn't crash Designer. This is how it usually looks. The first entry is the file @300 DPI, but scaled down by 100. 2nd entry is the file @100 DPI, but at the metre scale.
  3. Hi Sean, Yeah, that's what I also presumed was the issue. Would be nice if it didn't crash though, perhaps throw in a warning. Sure, I've attached the document here. By changing the DPI to 100, it works fine, a little bit slow to copy. As the group I tried to copy becomes 240.1MB in my clipboard. I solved it by just scaling it back by 100, so I used cm instead of metres, just for working on it elg58 sykkelba╠Ős-liten.afdesign
  4. Whenever I press CMD+C to copy a group, AD crashes instantly. But if I try to copy e.g. a rectangle, it hangs for a bit, then copies it. At the time I was working on a really large document (dimension wise). 3.23m x 1.92m However, when I scaled it down by a 100, so 3.23cm x 1.92cm, copying groups worked instead. So it might be something to do with the large size. As seing in my clipboard, when I used the metre dimensions, just one rectangle was 358.3MB, compared to 41KB when I reduced the scale by 100
  5. What are color fonts? They are the next big thing in graphic designThey bring multiple colors, shades, textures and transparency to type They include vector shapes, bitmap images or even both into font filesAnything I write here, would just be copying from this website, http://www.colorfonts.wtf/ Have a read through it, then decide if you want colour fonts. I know, that I want it!
  6. Hey all. I was just about to buy Affinity Photo in the last minute, but I see that in the Norwegian App Store it is listed at fullprice, but in the US App Store it is with the 20% discount? Was my last minute effor too late?
  7. You're correct. I copy a path in AD, and it is saved to my clipboard as this /var/folders/d8/45mcrkq12mg772hdtjhcsyd00000gr/T/com.seriflabs.affinitydesigner/Clipboard.svg Path to a file, I open that file, and it's the svg I copied. If I paste it in Finder, it is saved as Clipboard.svg
  8. It copies it as SVG formatted text, but it is saved to my clipboard as a file. Though I just tested at my other machine, there it saves it to my clipboard as text
  9. I have that set, but it still copies to my clipboard
  10. Hey, if I'm not very wrong, before when you copied an object / layer in AD, you'd copy it as svg code, not as a svg file?
  11. So I made a business card design, and it's to be used by several person in the future. How can I export it in pdf so the text can be edited with the correct alignment? I tried to edit it, but the alignment of the text got all messed up. Or do I need to use InDesign or?
  12. I tried to set stroke alignment to centre, but it's still is the same. But if I expand stroke it uses much fewer nodes on export.
  13. I'm not sure if this is related, but when I create a circle in AD, or any paths that is curving, it starts of with few nodes, and when I export it to SVG, it gets lots of nodes as you can see in the attached pictures. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ljb9s1cmk322211/Skjermbilde%202015-10-09%2010.28.12.png?dl=0 (4 nodes) https://www.dropbox.com/s/yx4ezmswm4yyo5g/Skjermbilde%202015-10-09%2010.28.21.png?dl=0 (Many nodes)
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