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  1. Hi Stokerg, did the Dev team ever come back to you? Thanks, Liam
  2. Hi Gabriel, did you receive these files and manage to take a look? Thanks, Liam
  3. Morning Stokerg, has there been any news on the corrupted files? Thanks, Liam
  4. They are exporting to .jpg. I'm currently uploading the original .psb to dropbox for you. Thanks, Liam
  5. Hi Gabe, I've uploaded the comparison files to you now, let me know if you want the originals too. Thank you for your help, Liam
  6. Brilliant, thanks again for your help Stokerg
  7. Hi, Has anyone at Support ever encountered fairly large reductions in image quality when importing .psb images into Affinity? One of our users has sent me a side by side comparison of the original image and the import into Affinity and the difference is quite stark. I'm unable to post the files publicly (data security etc) but can upload them to support if someone would kindly take a look? Thanks for your help, LiamB
  8. Hi Stokerg, Thanks for such a quick response, I've uploaded the original file and the attempted recovered file to Dropbox. Thanks so much for your help.
  9. Hi, Is there a way to recover a corrupted .afphoto file? One of our user's Affinity Photo app crashed on them and the autorestored file won't open "The file appears to be corrupted". Any help would be greatly appreciated, Liam