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  1. It seems that Affinity Photo ignores icc profiles of the class "input," assuming you'd never want to do that, and is instead showing just "display" and "output" icc profiles. That would mostly make sense except in this case. It seems I can work around this from the File --> Import ICC Profile menu item. Though I can only do one at a time. I have about a hundred of these. It'd be great if one could select more than one at a time if this is the way it has to work. Thanks for looking into all this!
  2. Affinity Photo doesn't recognize the full set of icc profiles in the standard Library/ColorSync/Profiles folder on the Mac (I'm using macOS Mojave 10.14.6). I have a set of icc profiles that are color variant profiles of existing color spaces such as AdobeRGB1998. I have attached two such icc profiles here. Affinity Photo simply doesn't recognize their existence when I go to convert or assign icc profiles. For comparison, Adobe Photoshop (which I'm using less and less, thanks to Affinity) has no problem seeing these at all. Thanks for looking into this! AdRGB98 +04.icc dRGB98 +08.icc
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