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  1. This is weird... The program crash immediatly when I type two numbers separated by a slash, for example "1/4". This appens only for certains specific combination of numbers between the slash (no letters like "a/b"), precisely from "1/1" to "1/4". Other combination seems to work. I run the latest BETA version on WIndows 10 64 bit. --- Dario
  2. Regarding the issue, I'm working on Win10 on a document composted mostly of images (a 16 pages catalogue). The file is about 164 MB big with images set as linked. It is the only issue I find by now. When resource manager is closed I don't have any slowdown in moving, resizing any image, even big. Unfortunally is the first project I make with APublisher so I can't speak by experience.
  3. I didn't notice that great function in the preferences. Thank you so much!
  4. It would be nice to have a shortcut for quickly open the resource manager, without going in the menu. I feel that need because when I have the Resource Manager open all the document suddenly becomes slow, especially moving images and frames (I do not understand if this is a problem of the resources of my computer or an application bug), so I keep it open only when I haeve to chek the images parametres. By the way, great app! Can't wait to use the final stable product!