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  1. I think my troubles were related to a font issue. I rasterized the type and was able to save as a PDF... Lucky me!
  2. Hello friends, I have been using Affinity photo and designer for about a year now and I love them. Tonight I was able to export a PDF from Affinity Photo. When I went to do it a second time, the program quit. I tried several more times, with same result. I tried opening the same file in Designer and had the same occurrence. I am using a new MacBook Pro. Is anyone else experiencing a problem like this? After restarting the computer, the same thing is happening... Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. Thank you! Terri
  3. Thank you toltec, for your thorough answer to my question. I finally found the choice for CMYK. I was scrolling down, and did not realize there were more options until I scrolled up in the choices. At first, it was not intuitive to me because it looked like I was at the top of the list of choices, and was not. good to be learning new things!
  4. Hello Affinity users! I am a new user, print designer, learning both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo. Thank you in advance for your assistance in helping me with the learning process. When I go to set up a new document in AD, I am not given a choice of CMYK as a color space. Is this normal? In AP, the choice is available. From the get go, my preference is to set up a document at exact size in inches, in CMYK, at 300DPI. It seems that my choices are for web use rather than print. Any help is appreciated. Terri
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