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  1. Well, when I did that it worked Not sure what I was doing to it earlier today in my defense, I definitely didn't highlight the move tool for the selection the first few times and the selection somehow had the move box already on it right after I pasted. Not sure why. But anyways, thank you so much!! Larissa
  2. Ok just update, yeah I'm looking into the move tool and everything here https://affinity.help/photo/en-US.lproj/index.html?page=pages/Selections/selections_transform.html?title=Moving and transforming pixel selections I know this is kind of granular, but still wondering if there is a way to paste/copy selection and have it be ready to be moved without going through this additional steps in the new layer with the option around it...really wishing I saved those docs with the history haha Cheers!
  3. I never responded, but thanks that video was right on the money
  4. Gabe, Hi, yeah it is on a new layer. Last time it also went on a new layer. Do you mean I can move and rescale by performing additional actions on the new selection copied on the new layer. And if so how would I rescale? Make the selection again and do what? Because what happened last time was that the newly pasted selection layer already had the rescale/move option around it with arrows without having to perform any additional steps except for dragging with the cursor. I can't seem to get it to appear that way again... Thanks!
  5. Ok, so I'll try to phrase this question as clearly as possible I am experimenting with cutting selection of one photo layer (background) into another that is a new tab in Affinity. With beginners luck I was able to get it how I wanted it to look, the selection that is, in the second photo (in the second tab) with the ability to RESIZE and MOVE. This is what I want, to be able to cut, copy and resize the selection from the first photo to the second one. But now I can't cut and copy a selection in such a fashion that it would be resizable in the second image like before. I think I played around with something in "refine" dropdown when selection brush tool was clicked. Please advise. Getting a bit frustrated trying to cut, copy, and resize the selection. Can only cut and copy it into the photo without ability to move it or make it smaller. Thank you!
  6. 1.) I couldn't find invert option with that shortcut but I found under layers dropdown. I painted the details white but I don't think my end-product was what was intended Would you have any extra steps or videos re: this topic? 2.) Also, do you or anybody else have any thoughts on the blur and sharpen brush tools. These sound like they would work for this too but I can't seem to see any results from either of them unless it's an extremely subtle effect
  7. I used the clone brush tool and that one did the trick with a little finagling. I, too, don't understand the color replacement tool and I couldn't find any good user-made videos on it. So you're saying the purpose of it is to replace certain colors with others already on the photograph?
  8. I played around with clarity and unsharp mask filters. Are there ways to increase detail in one specific part of the photo, for example one person's face with some kind of brush/sweeping tool similar to what camera + has on mobile? Thank you! Larissa
  9. which tool to use to change color of parts of background to color of something else in photo? For example, there are streetlights, I want to paint them the color of the sky behind the lights. I am very new to the tool. I thought brush tool could do this but it seems like you have to choose a standard color and cannot choose one from photograph. Eraser? Please advise. Thank you! Larissa

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