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  1. Here’s a screen print together with the steps; I chose the images, a rug and a sky, because they’re easy to distinguish: 1. Selected sky and copied 2. Selected rug and pasted sky 3. Added mask to sky 4. In layers studio moved rug and mask above sky 5. Went back and forth over the mask alternating between black and white paint brushes The problem seems to be associated with the white brush. The program flipped to the eraser when I had the white brush selected and touched the color studio icon to make the change to a black brush; it also flipped to the eraser when I was using the white brush. The problem is intermittent, happening about once every three black-white cycles. Dean Mac, thank you for the Apple Pencil suggestion. I did have the option switch selected (probably a default since I wasn’t aware it existed), but when I turned it off, the eraser problem was still with me, unfortunately. Thank you.
  2. When I’m working with a mask and using a black paint brush to reveal the layer below, Affinity switches spontaneously from the paint brush to the erase brush. It does this constantly, making the paint brush virtually useless. I’m using an iPad Pro with the latest Apple pencil and I don’t even have to be touching the screen for this to happen.
  3. I have a picture in an Apple photo album that I cropped using the Apple edit software; I then tried to import it into Affinity for additional processing, but Affinity imported the original uncropped image even though the original no longer exists in the iPhoto album. I realize I can crop with Affinity, but I find Apple’s software easier to use. How can I get Affinity to import the cropped image?