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  1. Thank you all- I have been using PS for years and really want to love AD/AP but this is proving to be a much more complicated transition than I expected. I understand there is a learning curve here but this is frustrating. I have to say at this point the workflow for resizing/prepping for the web in PS works flawlessly and I can complete it in about 3 very straightforward steps in about 30sec per image. I am convinced there is some aspect of this process that I am missing- maybe that's the learning curve of a new app? I'll look forward to more posts about this as I'm sure I'm not the first to be struggling with this. best,cb
  2. thank you for your response. So it sounds like Lanczos non-sep and having PNG being my final image setting is a better route than jpg? So save them as PNG files then reduce image using the Lanczos non-sep setting....is that what youre suggesting? I will have to ultimately turn these into web-friendly images but needed to start at the print quality resizing first. Best, cb
  3. Thank you for the response and feedback- so should I not resample? Would this workflow be different of you were prepping images for web use? Is de-noising and frequency separation simply a work around to an app glitch? Resizing seems like a pretty simple/basic task to do on a photo editing app to have to do a work around to make it so. : ((
  4. thanks for the message and feedback- does it matter at what point in process auto-sharpening is done? Do I do this to images that are resized for web use also? best,cb
  5. so how do I resize an image to retain its sharpness? Im accustomed to PS with the experience that reducing image dimensions didnt reduce its pixels but maybe it did and I was so accustomed to the process in PS that I didnt realize it? I'd love to make the shift from CC to AD/AP but am trying to keep my workflow tidy. Thank you for your message/help. cb
  6. Starting with a 4mb image (1200x1567px) and trying to crop and reduce image size. Pixel ratio to remain the same....fuzzy and pixelated everytime. grrr I have tried all the suggested ways- resampling, bicubic and lanczos options. Why would my image be more fuzzy at a reduction in scale?