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  1. Love that hyperlinks were added. If it hasn't been suggested, I'd love to see the ability to hyperlink images. For example, a facebook or twitter icon. Thanks for considering.
  2. Yeah, not one shape. Plus, it would be more practical for Affinity to just add the ability. But thanks for trying to help!
  3. I see new versions are on their way. I am excited, but then I think about the one tool I want and desire and become sad knowing it won't be present.... most likely. Please gods of Affinity.... Give me a DESTRUCTIVE crop (or at the least an option when cropping)! Rasterizing is NOT an option. Sometimes, I just want to get rid of stuff not mask and hide it. So, please please please please please please please please please give us the ability to destructive crop. Thank you.
  4. First, I am new to Affinity but absolutely love the product. I am glad to find something that "challenges" Adobe. You will notice I didn't say "rivals" and that is because some really basic tools/abilities are missing and honestly, I don't get why. Some things that are keeping Adobe Products on my system because Affinity doesn't have them: Destructive Crop - Yes, I said destructive. I have read the forums, I know someone is going to tell me to "rasterize" but that's not an option. If you rasterize, it reduces the quality, but it also flattens the image meaning you no longer have the ability to modify particular aspects of the drawing. Destructive Crop would (should) preserve the ability to treat the drawing as a vector, keeping the quality, just getting rid of the stuff that you don't want. For example, maybe you only need a half circle. Eraser / Knife - This is kind of the same as number 1. Giving us the ability to remove parts of vectors that we don't want. Text in Object - Its great you gave us the ability to put text inside an object, but what good is that if you remove the ability to customize the object itself? That's just a text frame then and we could have done that without the shape in the first place. When I put text into a "rectangle" (for example) I still want to be able to change the color of the fill or stroke of the rectangle itself, separate from the ability to do the same to the text. Telling us to group the items isn't always an option. When working with SVG on the web, this grouping can have undesirable consequences. Just give us the ability to control the shape. There is probably more, but these are the things that I have found myself googling for hours to figure out how to do on Affinity only to realize I can't. These are some real basic needs for people using a program like this. Affinity makes a strong product, Im excited to keep using it, but honestly, why aren't these features present? Just to reiterate, because someone is going to mention it, rasterizing is not a good enough "solution". It's not anywhere the quality of the vector and if you are suggesting people do that you aren't helping anyone. I read a thread where someone completely mislead the OP by telling them rasterizing would work. Just plain wrong. She/he wanted a destructive crop and equating that to rasterizing was not helpful. If someone needs a destructive crop, then a destructive crop is what they need. If they are asking about it, they know what they are trying to do. Not trying to beat a dead horse, but this is a very important feature for people, including me. Thanks for your time Affinity. Keep up the good work.
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