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  1. Maybe I didn't search well enough, but I can't find where to specify a number of columns in a text frame. Can someone help, please?
  2. Yes, I saw that
  3. Wow, many thanks for this news! I thought CS5 was a 32-bit and so Ai's working was problematic, though.
  4. I never upgraded to ID CS6 because I'm glad CS5 works on my OSX HighSierra and wouldn't take any risk with it. But if I upgrade to Mojave, I won't be able to use CS5 and need to import ID CS5 files into Publisher, too
  5. As I tested it, import from a pdf file causes every line of text to be in a separate text block (text frame in Affinity language), which is far from being practical if you have to modify this text
  6. Sorry, I meant Publisher, not Designer. My mistake comes from the resemblance between 'Designer' and 'InDesign', which Designer replaces very well, once you learnt where to find all the tools How can I close this ticket?
  7. Hi Meb, thx for quick answer. I even didn't notice that a new(contextual) toolbar had appeared. Many thanks again! Marc