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  1. Hi Gabe thankyou. I have followed your instructions and it’s now working correctly. You are a STAR. peter
  2. Hi Update My Mac is currently on Mojave version 10.14.3. I used Time Machine to wind back one stop to 10.14.2. unfortunately crop tool is still not working. other tools seem unaffected Peter
  3. Hi another thought. indid use the crop tool in December when I first purchased affinity. Since then there has been an update to MacOS Mojave’s to version 10,14.3 could this be the problem and if so is it fixable. peter
  4. Hi the crop tool does not work in either the raw or the develop persona. peter
  5. Hi i have now tried with raw files from canon 5d mkiii, clicked develop then tried to crop. Crop still not working. i then tried with a photo I tried out affinity with when I first purchased in December. I had the photo in three versions, aphoto, tiff, jpeg. All three from canon 5d. i tried all three but crop did not work.
  6. Update. the crop tool appears unstable. It works then stops working on the same image ie, I reduce size, try a second reduction to refine and it’s stopped working. I did NOT click apply between crops. peter
  7. Hi Carl yes I have tried several images but only those I had started work on and saved in aphoto files. Also only from my canon 70d. i open by file: open/ open recent,: and clicking on file. Peter
  8. Update. closed and opened and, hey presto, crop tool working. Gabe, thank you for all you support. Peter
  9. Hi crop tool still not working. So, for me it’s not working in either 1.6.... or 1.7 beta peter
  10. Hi i have download the beta version but crop tool not working however.... I uninstalled my 1.6...... version and reinstalled. The crop tool worked. then I open the beta and tried that and the crop tool did NOT work. so I closed beta and reopened 1.6.... and crop tool had stopped working. Grrrrrrrrrr! i am going to uninstall both beta and 1.6... then reinstall 1.6..... and see what happens. Watch this space. peter
  11. Hi your link takes me to MacOS beta forums. There are discussions of crop issues but none that seem to match my problem. peter
  12. Hi Gabe i have tried the reset as described but the fault remains. peter.
  13. hi screen recording below. affinity_crop_tool_failure.mov
  14. Hi. Affinity photo on MacBook pro. i am a new user trying out affinity photo before moving from LightroomCC so bear with my lack of knowledge. i have opened a raw file, processed, then developed. i am trying to crop before proceeding. The crop tool shows on pic with the move nodes on corners and on lines. when cursor hovers over nodes I get the double arrow indicating I can crop but when I click and drag nothing happens, the cursor just turns into a cross with arrows. it has worked on a previous picture but........ i have switched of Mac and rebooted but no change. help! peter
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