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  1. That was a new document. You example is the opposite of what we are looking for sometimes. Where is the background? Open any 32 bit EXR file and place the same file back into itself. Create a new file at RGB/32 and the issue is reproducible. I do not always want the placed document's background to be transparent. I want to see the full color version of the background and maintain access to the alpha channel. The real world issue is as I add each of my V-Ray render elements, the background is multiplied over and over again. NewFile.afphoto
  2. It was just a quick test but I've attached a new mock up that shows the same issues. TEAPOTS-HALF_FLOAT.exr TEAPOTS-HALF_FLOAT.afphoto
  3. That would be possible, IF we can get that approved. That is not the prefered option by the IT management group for the Terminal Servers. May I suggest exposing the raw XML as a default somewhere that can be edited and then that is the file copied to the new user profile when they first launch the application. That or expose some options as variables that can be edited at installation. Either option would be helpful for large deployments.
  4. We seem to be getting different results when placing 32-bit EXR files vs. when opening them directly. I am aware of the 3 options in the preferences for controlling how the Alpha channel is handled, but none of these options seem to affect how the image is handled when being placed, which is our typical workflow. If I place an EXR into a new blank doc, it at first looks like the Alpha channel has been applied, and the background is totally white, but if I put a black pixel layer behind it, the background appears as normal. The results are the same when Placing a file as they are when opening a file with all three EXR options checked. What is odd, is that the Alpha appears says it is fully black and white with values of 0 and 1. I tested this by creating a grayscale layer. We are not sure how to either expose the background or totally block it without duplicating the existing composite Alpha. Thank You, Brian
  5. I need to make sure the the default option for everyone when they first open Photo/Designer is to have the option "Import PSD text as Text..." checked. I cannot find where to do this by default for people for before they first open the program. Copying the XML directly to the user profile isn't really going to be an option. Thanks, Brian
  6. Is there a way to preset the General Preferences for a user so they have our standard on their first login? I have found %appdata%\Affinity\Photo\1.0\Settings\GeneralPreferences.xml, but cannot find where these settings come from when creating the user profile. Thank You
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