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  1. Thank you. And how can I pick and choose or pick and select a gradient from an object?
  2. My gradient just does not seem to be working on the desktop AFF Designer version. Everytime I select the object for gradient and open the gradient box. - Neither can i choose a colour on the gradient bar (coz it remains black n white by default) properly, coz ive to keep trying and it'd only happen once in a blue moon. - And even when it does happen, the gradient doesnt reflect on the selected object Please helpppp
  3. ive been trying for so long but something seems to be going wrong coz my boolean operations dont seem to be working. i have overlapped objects but neither can i add nor subtract nor divide nor anything else. this is on ipad. can you please help? one of my objects has effects grouped on to it though. (coz when i try using boolean on plain overlapping shapes, it happens.) can we not use boolean if one or both objects have been grouped with effects?