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  1. yes, exact same profile, just a bigger canvas. I had this problem with other documents, too. I can send you he files, if you want.
  2. Affinity Designer: I have some full res photos which I use in a current postcard sized project. I need to create a poster and just want to copy everything o a new document. The problem is, however, that the photos loose saturation when being copied to the other document. Is there any way to get around this bug? I don't want to start from all over. I noticed this bug in previous versions of affinity designer. See the screenshots for reference.
  3. sorry, overread that nickname part. hope you find the file.
  4. Thanks, I uploaded it. It has the name "Test" and is around 48 Mbyte in size.
  5. Well, I copied the right one from the other document. It is a bug, you can clearly see the normal blue, the blue from the other document with noise and the buggy noise one which is shifted towards green.
  6. Hey. I have a shape in a document with a specific fill color (bright blue) with noise. In another document, I have a different document i have a shape that I would like to give the same fill color and also add noise. I filled the shape with the exact same color. Everything looks identical. However, as soon as I add noise, the color shifts towards green. Even if I drag the noise slider to zero again, the color shift stays. Any ideas? I am using Affinity Designer 1.4.1
  7. +1 for rtl text support. I need it for arabic. I came across this tool, but I don't know if it helps: https://www.bitofgold.com/free-photoshop-right-to-left-converter-tool-right-to-left-left-to-right-rtl-to-ltr-text-converter-arabic-hebrew-persianfarsi-text-in-photoshop/
  8. Yes, they are. But they are only visible, when you select the artboard, which you have set the guides for. If you select an other artboard, they disappear. You only see guides for the desired artboard, when you select the artboard. Also, If you duplicate an artboard, guides will be duplicated too, but you may have to adjust the position of the guides, because they are referenced to zero of the document. Even if you click on an artboard and look at the rulers which show the "zero" at the beginning of the artboard. The zero in the guides will be the zero of the document. So if you want to create multiple artboards with the same guides, you have to calculate them relevant to the zero of the document. So if you say, you have two artboards (2cm*2cm) next to each other (1cm between them) and you want each artboard to have a 2mm margin for each artboard, you would have to calculate it for the second artboard: The first artboard will have guides at 2mm, 2mm, 18mm, 18mm. The second artboard will have guides at 32mm, 2mm, 48mm, 18mm. (despite the rulers will show 0mm at the beginning of the second artboard if you click on it) See the screenshot for reference.
  9. OK I figured out that you can make guides for each artboard and for the whole document. Didn't get that. So, now bug at all. Topic can be closed.
  10. It seems, when I reselect one of the groups, the guides will reappear. But they will disappear once I select an artboard. I thought one of the purpose of artboards was to use the same guides for each individual artboard within the same document.
  11. I've just set up several guides using the guides manager. I did some pretty hefty calculations. With integrals and sh*t to get them to the right position. (just kidding, it was way easier but took quite some time). And now that I have set them up I would like to use them! So I started selecting the first artboard (which is in a group) and boom, all guides vanished. Brought them back with cmd-z. Selected an other artboard. Again, those sneaky guides just disappeared. This also happened, if the artboard was outside the group. However, I can select the group and those guides stay. If nothing is selected in the document, the guides are visible. The guides were completely removed. The guide manager showed no guide at all after selecting an artboard. See the screenshots for reference.
  12. Definitely agree. This is something I've been waiting since AD came out. This is a standard feature wich every software has, that handles any kind of text box. So, big thumbs up for this "feature".
  13. How can you center a text like this? (see screenshot) (This is from Pages)
  14. While the grid mode is very powerful, I want to be able to center the grid in my canvas. So that I don't have to move the layers afterwards to center them.
  15. Expand Stroke was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much. Here is the result:
  16. How can I make the hole radius of a pie absolute? I want to have it absolute to restrict the thickness of the pie to us the same thickness an a smaller radius. I could do this with a stroke, but I can't use a stroke with boolean operations the way I want. Is there any way to do this? As you can see in the screenshot, the thickness of the ring with the smaller radius is thinner. But I want to keep it at the same thickness as the one with the bigger radius.
  17. As Adobe has decided to make the import screen in Lightroom suitable for Instagram users, I have concerns wether Lightroom should be replaced in the future. Adobe makes this concerns even bigger by publishing buggy apps too early which ruin lives of professionals. Last year, Serif came out with this Affinity-suite and I have high hopes that they will release a Lightroom alternative. I am serious about that, since Capture One, well, does not work for me. But if you do, make sure that people can transfer 100k photos with any adjustments non-destructively. I don't know if you have plans for this, or if you have resources for this. But if you have, well, I would be the first to buy. Adobe is going for Instagram users with all their iOS-photoshop-mix-fix crap, which is not what professionals want. I know that one day, I will enjoy Affinity Designer on my iPad without compromises. And I hope you guys could rescue the professional photography business. I know this post has not the right spot in the forum, since everything is about Designer or Photo. But I just want to post this to see wether this could be the future of photography. Any name suggestions for a Lightroom alternative?
  18. ok, thanks. I wasn't sure about that. When I send a pdf out to the press, they never said, that it needed to be 8 bit, so I thought I could send 16-bit. Never mind about the 16-bit then. I didn't know, that it wasn't supported by presses. Thanks.
  19. 16-Bit would be so much better for printing. especially with gradients as a background. CMYK 16-Bit please. Thanks.
  20. Yep, it will work in my project. No problem. Your roadmap is full, I now.
  21. Thank you Jakerlund for the video. Now, I would like to pan around the photo within the oval shape mask. The problem is, that in some circumstances the mask shape has to stay and I simply would like to move the photo around, but without loosing the ability to edit the shape. This would be like clicking the background layer (in your video) and move it, but the oval shape stays in position. Maybe something like this could be added to Affinity. If you click twice on the thumbnail, it would just select the background layer an d the rest stays in position. So I could move it without moving the oval mask. I think I will use the method yakk described.
  22. Ok, it didn't work. The problem is, that I want to edit both. The oval shape and the photo. If I do it the way yakk explained, I have no control anymore over the oval shape. I want this to be non destructive. I want to edit the oval shape as well as moving around the photo in the oval shape. Is this possible?
  23. it worked, thank you for your answeres!
  24. Sorry for this title, but I just don't know how to describe.. I have the following problem: I have a photo which I would like to crop using an oval shape. I did this, using the layers panel to drag the oval shape "inside" the photo layer. Now, how do I move the original layer? I noticed, I made a mistake. How do i reposition the photo, but not the oval shape? I want to reposition the photo inside the oval crop. How do I do this? See the screenshot for reference.
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