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  1. oh sorry well my cursor is stuck on the left side of the tablet screen, i do have three monitors thou.. i believe its my setup, i have three monitors (xp pen is the third) when i plug every other monitor out my tablet works fine... any suggestions? thanks!
  2. As the Title says, would appreciate an answer, im going crazy because i cant draw in affinity photo with this 600 dollar tablet.. the tablet works in paint thou
  3. I´ve reinstalled the drivers more than four times and it is the same drivers that i used this spring, (and there is no new drivers for my specific tablet) The problem remains.. Thanks // Aurvandel
  4. Idk im totally new to write on any kind of forum, so keep that in mind well to start off: My Xp-Pen 22E Tablet worked on Affinity photo this spring, but not any longer, when i got my setup back up and running.. i started to wonder if the patch is to blame, My first thought was to check if got the most recent patch, The second thought was to download previous verisions until a new patch arrives with my tablet issues fixed, unfortunatley i have no email registered on affinity photo... because i buyed it on Microsoft store... (the problem with my tablet and affinity is that the cursor get stuck on the left side and wont move horizontal, the tablet works fine in other programs) idk what to to... Thanks // Aurvandel
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